A Small Encouragement

Kids listen to everything.  And just so you don’t think this post is about kids, I’m referring to how my daughter picked up on something regarding saving.

Just recently, we decided to open a savings account for my four-year old.  A few days after I did, a packet with kid-friendly marketing material came that we shared with her.  We didn’t really get into it, but we just explained that we’d opened an account for her and why.  As these things tend to go, she seemed at best marginally interested.

That’s why it brought a smile to my face a couple of days ago when I picked her up from daycare.  She showed me a dime she’d found.

Daughter: “Daddy, look what I found.  A quarter!” [She’s too little to know which coin is which.]

Me: “That’s great!”

Daughter: “Can I put it in my savings account?”

Can you believe it?

We’d mentioned the account maybe twice. I fully realize that, for those without little kids, this story will likely lose some of its impact, but I thought this was a tremendous breakthrough.  She’d gotten the idea about saving just through our family’s everyday discussions.  I was so proud.  Not because she understood saving so much as because she learned something important on her own without being formally ‘taught.’

It was a small encouragement.