Baby’s First Credit Card

Ugh. It was bound to happen. My 4-year old daughter got her first credit card application in the mail yesterday.

After we put the recycling out on the curb last night, I reached into the mailbox and grabbed what was in there. Coming inside with her, I said, “Hey! This letter’s for you.” (I saw it was from AirTran – we signed her up for their frequent flier program)


“Yep. Here’s your mail, ma’am,” I said, making a production of handing over the envelope.

She tore right into the letter while I moved on to the only other non-junkmail item. Honestly, I thought AirTran had sent her some plan-related form letter. Soon, however, the real contents were strewn about the kitchen floor.

“Daddy, look! I got a card,” she happily proclaimed. She meant like a birthday card. I look and she’s holding a return envelope. “I’m going to keep my card over here, ok Daddy?” she said as she proudly placed it on her little activity/art table.

“Sure, baby. That’s great,” I said as enthusiastically as possible. I bend down to recover the rest of the envelope contents and am soon slapped in the face with the absurdity of the situation.

Way to go, AirTran. You just sent a credit card application to a 4-year old. Congratulations.

I tore up the application, but thinking about it now, I should have kept it. [Sniff] My baby’s first credit card application. [Sniff]