Goodwill, Ebay, or Trash

Right now, we’re undergoing a junk purging at our house. It’s kind of liberating, in a way, seeing piles of stuff you no longer use or want going out of the house. I had a bit of a dilemma with it recently though. What do I do with all that crap?

To date, whenever we do this sort of thing, we’ve generally separated things into two piles – good enough to give to Goodwill and trash. Embarrassingly often, the ‘perfectly good enough to give to Goodwill’ pile is bigger by an order of magnitude. However, as I was getting rid of a batch today, I realized some of this stuff might actually be worth something.

The stuff in question was toys, specifically, ‘collectible’ dolls. I wondered, “would it be worthwhile to try to sell any of this stuff on Craigslist and/or Ebay?” I fired up the ol’ interweb and hit Ebay to find out. Turns out that, yes, some of this stuff was being sold and for half-decent coin.

Now I had a problem. I could either separate stuff into three piles – Goodwill, Ebay, trash, or I could continue with my two-pile system. Guesses what I did?

I stuck with two categories – Goodwill and trash.

Why? Simple – I did a quick calculation of how much time I’d spend selling the stuff compared to how much I’d make. There was no contest; it’s not worth it to me to take the time to sell it. I’ve never sold anything on Ebay, but I figured these would be the steps:

  1. Separate all this stuff.
  2. Take pictures of everything I wanted to sell.
  3. Create a listing with words and everything (me not so good with words).
  4. Start auction.
  5. Wait.
  6. Wait.
  7. Wait.
  8. Deal with person who won the auction (transaction, emails back and forth, etc).
  9. Go to post office, box and mail stuff.
  10. Repeat.

No thanks. I think I’ll just stick with giving it to Goodwill and taking a small tax deduction.

There’s probably a business in there somewhere. I give you my piles of possibly-salable crap, you sell it and keep a piece for yourself. Everybody wins I guess. There are probably people who do this already, though. I’m not a very creative person, so this idea’s probably being done.